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Sichuan pharmaceutical preparation Co. Ltd. is the only enterprise inSichuan with the State Food and Drug Administration approved penicillininjection production license, is the Sichuan cephalosporin most varieties, the most complete specifications, the largest production scale of enterprises.The company launched a new injection of amoxicillin sodium and clavulanate potassium, Cefuroxime Sodium for Injection, Cefaclor Capsules, Cefpirome Sulfate for Injection etc. the best-selling products. The company's originalAcetylspiramycin tablets, capsules, Amoxicillin Capsules, rifampicin injectionbenzylpenicillin sodium, injection of Qu Songna, the injection of cefotaxime sodium and ampicillin sodium for injection and other products for the nationalbrands.

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